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We Want To Marry One Man : Beautiful Ghanaian Twins From Sunyani Say



Two beautiful ladies (twins) from the Upper East Region have got Ghana talking following their decision to settle down with one man and make a life with him for the rest of their lives.

The two ladies identified as L&B have revealed that they are not in any relationship currently because of a certain standard they’ve set for themselves and that is to marry one man who is rich for that matter, a decision they say their family is aware of.

After each separately going into a relationship which both describes as not serious years ago has come to a firm decision of coming together to tie the knot with only one man who apparently will pay two bride prices.

These young and beautiful ladies made these disclosures in an exclusive interview with Nana Rome on Accra FM.

L&B however, announced the kind of man they would want to marry. Both said they want a God-fearing man, one who can take good care of their need and a responsible man.

Despite the societal disdain for their wish, the beautiful twins are determined to achieve the aim of marrying one man and live happily ever after.

The two have been staying together for the past three years since they moved from their original place of stay to Accra in search of greener pastures and does virtually everything together.

Having stayed in Accra for 3 years with no job, L&B said they are planning on venturing into the media business thus, hosting an Entertainment and Fashion Show of their own where they’ll interview people.

L&B are natives of the Upper East Region from the Kusaasi and Kasina tribes. Born and bred in Brong Ahafo specifically Abesim, L&B are the last borns of 7 siblings.

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Man murders wife for denying him raw intercourse



A 57-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly killing his wife for denying to have sexual intercourse with him without protection at Awutu Mankomeda in the Central Region.

The suspect identified as Gideon Tetteh attacked his wife, Sabina Bonney after she denied him unprotected sex due to financial constrain.

According to reports, the couple had issues in their marriage because the wife did not consent to him selling a piece of land they owned.

On the night of the unfortunate incident, the suspect made sexual advances toward his wife who resisted on the condition that he uses a condom to avoid pregnancy.

Gideon then forced the deceased to go naked and later committed such a hideous crime with a rope.

Listen below;

Neighbours who heard about the incident reported the matter to the Ofankor police and was later apprehended.

According to reports from the scene, the deceased sustained multiple wounds on the forehead and was found lying naked in a pool of blood whiles being tied with a rope.

The couple reportedly has five children.

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Lady explains how she knew she hasn’t gotten over her ex



A lady has explained how she knew she hasn’t gotten over her ex-boyfriend.

@LeannPichardo tweeted that she knew she isn’t over her ex after she masturbated to the sex tapes he had made while cheating on her.

She tweeted;

I knew I wasn’t all there when I masturbated to the sex tapes my ex had of him cheating on me.

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I want a man who can give me sex 8 times a week : Gh lady



A Ghanaian lady identified as Ama Kodesh is looking for a strong man in bed.

She wants not just a strong man but one who will be dedicated to her orgasm and frequent sexual pleasure.

In a social media post, Ama Kodesh said any man who is interested must meet a critical criterion which is he should be a sex addict.

According to her, the lucky man must agree to have at least 8 sexual intercourse with her in a week.

That should be overtime as far as the number of days of the week is concerned.

Explaining her preferences in a tweet, Ama Kodesh intimated that every sexual encounter must go beyond 4 rounds and each session should be an hour long at least.

Would Ama Kdoesh be able to secure such a man?

Well, several men have reacted to the post by auditing their bedroom skills and bragging about their sexual stamina.

@Moshosho97 wrote: How much u go pay? I deal in that

@icekojo wrote: How much are u ready to pay?

@smrin_ofx wrote: I will give u 20x a day

@iamphylus wrote: A man who would do that for you doesn’t love you Do you want sex only or you want a life ?? Not all men are responsible ppl…some wants youfir the sex n those ,,trust me They don’t love you

@yemboney wrote: My dear, you can get but for how long are your expectations? Maybe for months, you can get it, but for a year and beyond, I am afraid you are not truthful to yourself. Please refine your thoughts.

@soccases wrote: Guys can give 10 rounds of sex but the thing is the chemicals, you girls put inside your private parts turn into water and washed the taste in there after the first round, so it kills the guy’s sex appeal after the second round.

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