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“When People Post Their Pictures Online, Keep Your Negative Comment To Yourself”: Lydia Forson



Lydia Forson has indirectly sent a message to those who are all about Commenting negative stuff under the post of others on social media.

Even though the original post didn’t come from her, she shared a shot of a twitter made post on her Instagram story which read “When People Post Their Pictures online, Keep Your Negative Comment To Yourself. The world does not revolve around your standards”

The “Keteke” actress who recently shared a post about how hard things has been for her in the last couple or days, has chosen to be “low key” on social media even though one attribute oeopw have come to know her for is how vocal she used to be on social media even when her opinions are tough one to take.

Below is the shot of the post she shared on her Instagram story.

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