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WHO Declares Africa Polio Free



The World Health Organisation today August 25, declared Africa free of the wild poliovirus.

The body declared the continent free of the virus after no case of the viral disease was recorded since 2016.

In a statement jointly signed by WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus; and President of Rotary International, Holger Knaack, the international body described the feat as “one of the greatest achievements in public health history.”

The statement reads in part;

“Delivering polio vaccines to every child in the African region and wiping out the wild virus is no small feat and the human resources, skills, and experience gained in the process leaves behind a legacy in how to tackle diseases and reach the poorest and most marginalized communities with life-saving services.

“Leadership from all levels of government across party lines, a historic public-private partnership that raised billions, millions of health workers reaching children across the region – from conflict zones to remote areas only accessible by motorbike or helicopter – and a culture of continual improvement were all critical to overcoming challenges and bottlenecks.

“As countries work to suppress COVID-19, many of the same basic traditional public health methods used in polio eradication, including contact tracing and surveillance, are key to breaking the chains of transmission and saving lives and livelihoods from the first coronavirus pandemic in human history.

“As recently as 2012 half of all globally recorded cases of wild poliovirus were in Nigeria, the final country in the region to rid the virus from its borders. However, as with the COVID-19 pandemic, the lesson is that it’s never too late to turn a disease outbreak around. Through hard work, new innovations and ensuring that no child was missed, Nigeria and the entire African region have now defeated polio.

“Across the region, health workers go village-to-village and door-to-door vaccinating children multiple times and offering health advice and support to the community. It’s a remarkable effort started by Rotary International, which in the 1980s – when there were hundreds of thousands of cases every year – made a global call for eradication.

“While thanking and congratulating governments, health workers, civil society and all groups that have been part of this titanic struggle; it is important to use the momentum to invest further in health systems, as well as the health worker force, to protect people from this pandemic, and prepare them for future disease outbreaks.”

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Finance Minister Requests GHS27.4 Billion For The First Quarter Of 2021



The Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, has today October 28, 2020, requested GHS27. 4 billion for the running of the country for the first three months of 2021.

“By resolution, the withdrawal of the sum of twenty-seven billion, four hundred and thirty-four million, one hundred and eighty thousand, five hundred and twenty Ghana cedis (GHS27,434,180,520.00) from the Consolidated Fund”, the Finance Minister urged parliament to approve.

“This is for the purpose of meeting expenditure necessary to carry on the services of the Government in respect of the period expiring three months from the beginning of the financial year or on the coming into operation of the Appropriation Act in respect of the 2021 financial year,”he noted.

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Tax Records Show Trump Had Over $270 Million In Debt Forgiven After Failing To Repay His Lenders : New Report Alleges



US leader, Donald Trump has had more than $270 million in debt forgiven since 2010 after he failed to repay his lenders for a Chicago skyscraper building development, a new report by the New York Times alleges.

According to the report published Tuesday night, October 27, after the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago encountered financial problems, big banks and hedge funds granted Trump more time to repay his debts, much of which was ultimately forgiven by the banks.

The report also stated that Trump paid almost nothing as federal income on the forgiven debts because he incurred financial losses in his other businesses.

According to the report, Trump arranged for two of his companies to borrow more than $700 million for the Chicago development and went to Deutsche Bank for the majority of the money.

The bank agreed to lend $640 million to the project, the newspaper said, but after construction delays, the loan came due while portions of the building were still unfinished.

Deutsche bank initially granted Trump an extension on paying back the loan, but Trump sued the bank along with Fortress Investment Group which had provided a $130 million loan for the project, for not giving him another extra time to pay off the loan.

The report also stated that Trump charged that Deutsche had engaged in “predatory lending practices.”

In July 2010, Deutsche Bank, Fortress and Trump reached a private settlement without disclosing the terms, the Times reported.

This report comes a month after the New York Times reported that Trump paid no federal income taxes whatsoever in 10 out of 15 years beginning in 2000 because he reported losing significantly more than he made.

The report alleged that in his first year in the White House, Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes.

In response to the report, Trump Organization chief legal officer Alan Garten told the New York Times that the organization and Trump had paid all necessary taxes on the forgiven debts.

“These were all arm’s length transactions that were voluntarily entered into between sophisticated parties many years ago in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis and the resulting collapse of the real estate markets,” Garten said.

Trump has never publicly released his tax returns claiming they are being audited by the IRS.

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My Hubby Spends More On Slay Queens Than On His Constituency; He Doesn’t Deserve A 2nd Term : MP’s Wife



It’s no secret that most politicians in Africa are into small girls but sadly their wives have to endure this abuse just to protect the dignity and political positions of their husbands.

But not anymore, a bold woman who believes her husband who is a member of the parliament of Ghana has come out to caution her husband’s constituents not to vote for him because he does not deserve another term.

According to the wife, her husband spends more money on Slay Queens and side chicks than he spends on his constituency.

The MP’s wife explained that his husband followers slay Queens and spend so much big money on them yet he does nothing for his constituency but he always goes back to campaign for votes.

The woman explained that her husband mentions God’s name a lot in his campaign but it’s all fake and for hype. He does not fear God and he certainly does not care about his constituents.

“I find it difficult to understand how he can go to the electorates to convince them to vote for him again. The amount of money from his other account that he has been giving to two women I know he is sleeping with is more than any project he’s ever done in his constituency. I have had him followed for some time and have gathered a lot of evidence to stand on to divorce him. But like every other woman in my shoes, I am being tactical because of our children,” the worried woman bemoaned.

The MP’s wife shared the story with a Facebook relationship counselor, David Bondze. Although the woman went all out and mentioned her husband’s name. David covered the Honorobale’s name as well as the woman’s name.

Read the full message from the Ghanaian MP’s wife below.

Ghanaian MP's wife exposes her husband

In other names, Too Much Money, the popular Ghanaian man who was embroiled in a rape saga from a Slay Queen on social media has come all out to speak on the viral report.

According to Too Much Money, he never raped the girl, Nyamewaa as she alleged. It was a mutual affair and Nyamewaa walked away with all that she requested including iPhone 11 Pro Max and GHC2000.

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