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Woman Claims She Was ‘Physically Assaulted’ By A Ghost



A woman claims she was scratched on the thigh by the ghost of murdered man while she was taking a shower.

Leah Lewis, 21, from Newhall, Derbyshire, said she and mum Colette had endured months of paranormal activity at the hands of the spirit.

Woman claims she was

She says she was forced to call in a psychic medium to cleanse her house. She adds that the medium, Ian Griffiths, helped the ghost in her house to “pass to the other side”.

Leah said she couldn’t have made the scratches herself because they were too pronounced, writes Staffordshire Live.

She said: “I didn’t feel anything at all (in the shower) until I saw the scratches when I was drying myself. I told my mum and she said I think we need to contact Ian Griffiths now. We had been putting it off for a while but now I had been physically assaulted.”

Woman claims she was

Mr Griffiths claimed the unsettled spirit followed the young woman home from her work at a shop in nearby by Burton-upon-Trent.

There was speculation from staff the ghost was a man who may have been murdered in the area years before it became a shop, as he was described as aggressive and angry.

Her mother Colette said: “Leah started saying she could see and hear things which none of us could. I remember this one evening driving to my mum’s. She asked me if I saw the little girl stood on the roadside and I was blown away as I couldn’t see anyone.”

Leah started to hear noises and movement upstairs, and then one particular night she says as she left her bedroom and saw a tall, bald, slender man leaving another bedroom.

On another occasion, Leah’s mother said she heard a man breathing down her ear, it was three, low breaths. That same evening, Leah found the scratches after taking shower.

On another occasion she showed her mum a mark that had been left on her hip, again after being in the shower, so Colette decided enough was enough and called in Mr Griffiths.

Leah, who is investigating her own psychic abilities, said: “When Ian came to our house he was able to describe my brother’s bedroom in detail and he hadn’t even been in. He went into my mum’s bedroom and went straight to the wardrobe and said he could sense activity. I said that is where I had been hearing everything too and I thought I was going mad.

“He went into my bedroom and saw my candles which I use when I meditate and speak to my grandad. He confirmed everything we had experienced and then he ‘passed the man over to the other side’ from his house.

“One day at around 6.40pm I was leaving my house to go to the shop and suddenly I felt really angry and felt I needed to get out. Ian later said this was around the same time the man passed over.”

Mr Griffiths said: “I told her what I was picking up and she says that’s what’s been happening and what we have seen wandering around the house. The male spirit didn’t seem positive. I got a more negative feeling from him.

Woman claims she was
Ian Griffiths

“Over the years of mediumship I have learnt how to remove spirits. It is years of learning and experience removing good and negative spirits. Some can mark you as it did with Leah or make you feel ill and put unwanted emotions on people.

“Some places may have portals where spirits can and go through like a door way. This home had two portals where spirits can come and go. I sealed them up so nothing else comes in to the home.”


Big Brands Throw Support To A 9-Year-Old ‘Our Days’ Request



A 9-Year-Old’s our day dream has come to past after a twitter user shared list of of requests listed by the him to the public.

The viral tweet gained attentions of big brands such as Blue Band, KFC, Access Bank and more.

On the other hand, Lynx Entertainment signed Kidi has shown his support to perform at his school’s our day.

See the thread below.

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“If Men Could Do ‘Ashawo’ Work And Get Paid, We Will Gladly Do It” : Man Claims



A Nigerian man known as Kusi Ugo has asserted that men will gladly accept the job of an ashawo and do it if they will get paid.

Kusi Ugo boldly claimed in a post on Facebook that if married women could offer men money in exchange for their ‘joystick’, they will gladly do it.

According him, men are jealous of women because they do not get the opportunities women get to make money.

He wrote;

“Umu nwanyi ibe m.
Forgive my main gender.
I think we’re just jealous that many of us do not get the opportunities that many of you use of to get money.
Trust me, if men could do ashawo work and get paid for it, we’ll gladly do it.
If married women could offer us money in exchange for nragbu, we’ll gladly do it.
I mean, we nragbu for less, not to talk more of when money is involved.
The reason why my main gender are quick to scream ashawo when a woman buys a Range Rover is because they’re angry that their golden ivedi can’t even get them a Golf 2, but yours can get you a house in Banana island.
It’s not about the morals. My main gender doesn’t give a shii about morals.
We also want the easy way out.
We also want to make our first million at 21.
We want to go to Dubai, Seychelles and Maldives on vacations.
We want to be pampered, relax and be taken care of.
We are only angry that we have to work extra hard to get the things we want, unlike my borrowed gender who only have to flash onu ala and she would have rich men coming her way.
We are angry that our penises are useless and have no reuse value.
When next a man calls you an ashawo for living an expensive life, dash him 2k for his afternoon meal and he’ll appreciate; na hunger and frustration dey cause am.
©Kosi Ugo.”

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Slay Queen Threatens To Release Bedroom Video Of Counselor Lutterodt Chopping Her



A young Ghanaian slay queen has threatened to expose popular marriage counselor, George Lutterodt by releasing his $ex tape into the public domain.

According to the lady, counselor Lutterodt had a good time with her without giving her a dime. The slay queen who is yet to be identified shared her story with a popular blogger Those called Celebs who also shared the allegations on her page.

According to the message the slay queen sent to the blogger, Counselor Lutterodt only takes advantage of women whenever they visit his place for counseling sessions. She added that he sleeps with married women who come to him for counseling on their marital issues.

Furthermore, the lady also disclosed that Counselor Lutterodt normally refuses to help them after their escapades and also blocks them in order not to have any contact with them again.

“If you take your marital problem to him, he will use it to take advantage of you. He sleeps with you and gives you not a pin. He will give you stories saaa and then he will stop messaging you. Let me know when you need the video’ part of the message read.

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