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Xandy Kamel’s Alleged Lesbian Partner Drops More Revelations



The alleged lesbian partner of Xandy Kamel has finally broken silence on the whole brouhaha that has taken over social media trends.

The lady who has been identified as Victoria Quartey made it into the news last week after a voice note of her’s went viral on the local digital platform.

In the voice note, she emphatically stated that she’s a lesbian and she’s currently in a strong romantic affair with Xandy Kamel.

She went on to add that, she’s very happy that Xandy Kamel is facing marital woes because she can now have the media personality and actress for herself alone.

Well, this same Victoria Quartey has dropped a new post on her IG page with wild claims that she’s not a lesbian neither is Xandy Kamel.

This lady who is toying with the minds of Ghanaians has accused a couple of persons whom she failed to mention their names as the ones who forced her to spilt such disastrous lies about Xandy Kamel.

In the words of Victoria Quartey who has already done great damage to Xandy Kamel’s reputation, the ABN employee is innocent and not a lesbian as she has earlier lied about.

Remorseful Victoria further urged the general public to throw her words into the bin and disregard any claims that Xandy Kamel is a lesbian.

She also begged Xandy Kamel for soiling her hard-earned reputation.

Take a look at the screenshot below to know more;

Meanwhile, Xandy Kamel’s marriage to Kaninja has allegedly hit the rocks after the sports presenter was caught cheating on his wife with numerous girlfriends

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“My GH¢50K Surgery Body Is To Attract Only Rich Men” : Kisa Gbekle



Kisa Gbekle, Ghanaian actress, has disclosed the rationale behind her surgical physique, claiming that she spent GH50,000 on her appearance in order to attract wealthy men.

According to her, she is only interested in dating wealthy men or “papa no.” She went on to say that age was just a number and that she would date an older man if he was wealthy.

Kisa Gekle stated in an interview that she has spent a lot of money to improve her figure and that she would require a man who is wealthy enough to maintain her status and financially assist her to take extremely good care of her body.

“When I say heavy, heavy entails a lot, but I don’t mean financially. You are aware that I have just completed my entire body. And it isn’t easy. It’s a large sum of money. So I need someone who is wealthy and has a lot of money.”

“It doesn’t matter how old you are. I’m cool as long as the person is cool, calm, collected, and heavy.”

Kisa Gbekle travelled to Instabul Turkey to go under the knife in order to enhance her overall look and physique.

She spent a whopping GH¢50,000 to have a butt lift to correct her saggy tummy and achieve a tighter snatched midsection.

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“I Liked It More When My Life Was Mine” : Black Sherif Writes



Popular Ghanaian Hiplife/Trap superstar, Mohammed Ismail Sherif, often known as Black Sherif, may be feeling pressured by the celebrity lifestyle because one cannot live according to his own will longer but by the will of others, as he laments that he wishes his life was his.

One of the drawbacks of being a public figure is that people get to tell you how you should conduct your life. Fans on social media will always be harshly critical of famous personalities if they fail to achieve their expectations.

Well, Black Sherif, who exploded into the scene and is now regarded as one of Ghana’s top young acts, has regretted the fact that his previous life used to be his best because it became a routine for him to avoid severe criticism from the public.

According to him, he felt safe being himself and the people around him, but he thinks that his new lifestyle will allow him to rediscover himself.

This comes after the musician was supposed to have walked out of school and enrolled in a different institution because he thought he was being left behind.

He wrote;

“I Like It More When My Life Was Mine. When I Used To Enjoy Living In Fear Because It Became My Routine. When I Felt Safe Being Real. Hopefully, I Sail Through These All To Meet A New Me. Good Luck Kwaku, Keep Going”.

See below;

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Princess Shyngle Reveals Her Regret After Meeting Hollywood Actor Idris Elba



Actress Princess Shyngle has revealed her regret after meeting with Hollywood actor, Idris Elba.

The curvy Gambian actress shared a photo she took with Idris, who is married.

In the caption, she called him her crush and said his arm on her leg, as seen in the photo, was “so comfortable”.

She adds that what she regrets following the meeting is that she didn’t grab him with her two arms and refuse to let him go.

Princess Shyngle reveals her regret after meeting Hollywood actor Idris Elba

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