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Year Of Return Hasn’t Benefited Citizens : Shatta Wale



Shatta Wale

Self-proclaimed dancehall King Shatta Wale has asserted that the ‘Year of Return’ has not seen any positive impact on the lives of Ghanaians.

Speaking in an interview on Hitz Fm’s Daybreak Hitz Show, the ‘melissa; singer disclosed that the initiative is taken indoors by a few people who fail to involve the citizens in the process.

Shatta Wale indicated that nothing shows there is such an initiative except for the influx of diasporans in the country.

“We don’t have fliers and flags [on the Year of Return] around town and yet this is where everyone wants to come to. There are no [Year of Return] billboards even at the airport,” Shatta Wale disclosed.

The ‘Gringo’ hitmaker explained that Billboards planted at specific points like the airport could be used to tell snippets of history, current Ghanaian trends or foods and introduce prominent figures in the society to diasporans.

Using Andy Dosty as an example he explained that “you get to the airport, see a billboard of Andy Dosty with radio equipment in front of him.”

“If they ask who is that, you explain that he one of the greatest radio presenters and DJ in the country or a banner to promote the things of a Year of Return.”

Shatta Wale also faulted hotels and their employees whom he said are doing very little to keep people in the loop.

He explained that although there are people going in and out of hotels, employees hardly ask visitors how they are enjoying the Year of Return initiative, whether they have plans to attend any of the programs lined up and/or suggest one.

“It’s so sad and the people who come just enter the president’s office, do what they talk about [and] we don’t know.

“What is the citizens benefitting from it? They should involve the citizens because we are the people that make them go into power,” he said.

The ‘Baby’ singer said it is disheartening to see the Year of Return that can provide jobs to thousands of Ghanaians go unnoticed by the citizens.

Shatta Wale urged heads of state agencies to involve and educate the citizens about some of these initiatives they are planning to introduce because, “they work for us, not themselves.”

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Zylofon Music Set To Sign New Artist



The record label of most popular business mogul Nana Appiah Mensah, Zylofon Music records is set to sign a new artist on their label.

Most of the artists which were signed on the record label; Shatta Wale, Stonebowy, Becca etc have all dropped from the record label except Kumi Guitar and Obibini. These are the only two artists representing the record label regardless of the crises the company is experiencing.

In a post on their Instagram page, the label dropped a video that suggests they will soon make a new addition to their label.

Watch below.

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We Are Tired Of You Always Talking About Suffering In Your Song : Fan Tells Fameye



Fameye has become the latest person to be bashed on social media by a fan for his one-way style of songs.

Recently, high-life musician Bisa Kdei was bashed by some people saying all his songs were funeral songs a comment which didn’t go down well with the ‘Mansa’ hitmaker.
Fameye recently released a song to eulogize Okomfour Kwadee but a fan after listening to the song came out to bash Fameye.

The fan with the username @Original_KW stated that Ghanaians are tired of hearing Fameye always say he is suffering attacking if whether he thinks he is the only one who is ‘bleeding’.

He posted: “Chale, squad for get different content give Fameye waa. Every song he go make biaa the content be ‘nothing I get’ like ebi only am p3 dey struggle for life. Tsw”

But Fameye who seemed pissed over the comments clapped back at the fan asking him to go back and listen to all his song to see how many times he mentioned he is suffering in a song.

He responded: “Tins only go bee for you on social media !nokwr3 bia nim? Go lisin all my sngs I drp not features I no get 1 single Sef I talk say I Dey suffer for inside nothing I get sef I no talk say I Dey sofa just my recent song I did to honor Kwaadee is actually the song I sed … kwasia”.

See screenshot below.

Fameye screenshot

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Kim Kardashian Allegedly Considers Living Apart From Kanye West To Avoid A Divorce



Kim Kardashian is reportedly considering living apart from Kanye West due to tensions that have appeared in their relationship since the lockdown forced them to spend almost all their time together.

The couple celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary over the weekend, despite reports of “tension in lockdown.”

A source claimed to The Sun that the 39-year-old reality star has allegedly considered the idea of her and Kanye “[spending] time apart in different houses” until lockdown is uplifted.

“Things are tough between Kim and Kanye because they never normally spend this much time together, but she doesn’t want a divorce,” The source claimed.

The source adds that Kim apparently “considers her marriage to Kanye and their family together a huge success” being that she is “the only sister [in her family] who is married.”

The source further said that Kim thinks of herself and Kanye “as a power couple.”

“The last thing she wants is a divorce – especially because the public backlash after her second divorce was unbearable,” says the source.

Before marrying Kanye, Kim was married to former professional basketball player Kris Humphries for only 72-days in 2011 before filing for divorce.

Kim’s first marriage was to music producer Damon Thomas. In 2000, 19-year-old Kim Kardashian eloped with music producer Damon Thomas. Thomas filed for divorce in 2003.

The source continued: “What I think will happen is they’ll spend time apart in different houses – but not divorce.”

The same insider told The Sun in early May that Kim and Kanye had been attempting to alleviate tension in their relationship by “splitting their time between their $19m LA home and Kanye’s Wyoming ranch.”

When they are under the same roof, “they’ve been staying at opposite ends of the house to keep things civil.”

A report in the latest issue of Us Weekly magazine, claims Kim and Kanye have been on “different pages.”

“Sometimes they are on different pages. She gets up early and works out and he is up late.

“Kim is working out nonstop and doing her thing. Kanye is having a harder time because he does not have a regimented routine like Kim.”

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