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When Lil Kesh announced in 2016 that he was splitting his business from Olamide’s YBNL to chase new records, many screamed foul.

He was held up as a potential bad example of an artist who has allowed his fame and relative success get to him and he is making a childish decision. No matter how many times Olamide took to social media to clear the air on everything, there were still people who were genuinely concerned that the singer was gone.

His debut album, “Y.A.G.I” was symbolic for him, marking the moment when he rose from nothing to become a genuine rap artist, and has a project to back his claims. A few of the songs made the rounds on radio, and got into the playlists of music enthusiasts, but many of the rest failed to catch.

And the doomsayers reared their heads. Lil Kesh was a failed artist, they said. He will never have a hit again, they said. He can’t survive on his own, they said.

But they were wrong. The kid had something up his sleeve. And although he hasn’t been getting the credit that he deserves, but he has found a formula that is working.

Listen to Lil Kesh now. Get familiar to the sound of his most recent two singles, ‘Shele gan gan’, and ‘No fake love’. What do you hear in the production? What sticks out?

The minimalism. The application of the theory that less is more.

On ‘Shele gan gan’, which has become a hit by all definitions, he employs the services of Krizbeats, who is famous for his work on Tekno’s ‘Pana’. Krizbeatz, who is embracing the minimalist sound and working on owning it as his personal signature sound, sprinkled some on Lil Kesh and it worked.

Check out the production on ‘Shele gan gan’. A foundation of lazy drumming, a mid-tempo synth, and a sprinkling of strings. For dynamism, he plays with stop-start syncopation, and achieves a perfect record.

‘No fake love’ is the same. Produced by Princeton, it uses the Ghanaian siren as an opening icon, while adding the drums and the simple strings.

The secret on both tracks is that the instrumental serves as a background accessory, while the voice is utilized as the most important and foremost instrument.

It’s just two singles in, but the style has obviously worked. This is a far cry from the robust production on his breakout singles ‘Shoki’, ‘Gbese’. Those were sonic sprints, devoid of critical musical substance. But the new singles are pure gold.

Lil Kesh is winning with this method, and as the year unfolds, it gets exciting to see what he else he has up the sleeve. But on evidence of his recent release, we can only expect positivity.

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People Don’t Understand Why I’m Still Succeeding, I’m Not From This World : Kelvyn Boy Brags



Kelvynboy has taken to social media to brag and throw heavy shades at someone we don’t know but with no doubt might be directed at Stonebwoy, his former boss.

On Twitter, the ‘Anada Anada, lie lie’ catchphrase originator declared that people -likely his haters- keep wondering why he is still succeeding in life.

And if they care to know why, “he’s not from this world”.. Kelvynboy said. The afrobeat sensation bragging on social media has caught fans attention, some have blasted him.

Taking to twitter he wrote; “Niggas don’t understand why I still Dey succeed Thinking face I’m not from this world just know that !!.”

Check his post below;

Kelvynboy anada

Since Kelvynboy broke free from Bhim Nation and having his way through the music industry to become one of the solid forces to reckon with in the Ghanaian Music Industry.

Evidently, the singer has time and again bragged about his craft and money subtly throwing shades at haters who now Stonebwoy can be said to be a part of them, supposedly.

His tweet has garnered massive reactions from some tweeps. One Kojo Poundz who seemed angry at Kelvynboy commented with insults.

He wrote; “Sia common Range wey you buy wey dey make you feel sey you be alien nu Comot make we think”.

Kelvynboy was in the news some time ago following an accident he was involved in. The ‘Mea’ Hitmaker scratched his newly customized Range Rover with another person’s car as he drove past him.

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Don Elvi Shows Gratitude To God and Fans In New Single “Thanksgiving”



Don Elvi, Corazon Entertainment signee and Frontline artist known for producing back to back hits such as Balling, Big Drip, and later releases Believe EP to motivate the street.

The rapper on his next project switched from Hip-Hop to Afro-Gospel song. Titled “Thanksgiving” the new song is a gratitude to God and his fans based on his struggles, hustle and how far he has gotten in his music career.

The single drops this Friday as it is produced by Apya.

View artwork below.

Facebook: Don Elvi

Twitter: @DonElvi_

Instagram: @Don_Elvi.

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Nengi Reveals The Special Feelings She Has For Laycon



The 3rd runner up of BBNaija season 5, Rebecca ‘Nengi’ Hampson has revealed the feelings she had for Laycon during their stay in the lockdown house.

Laycon and Nengi became a thing in the closing stages of the show as they were mostly seen together playing and conversing. One thing that gave a different person about them is their erotic dance sessions at the sound of music in biggie’s house.

In an interview with Ebuka, he inquired from Nengi the type of relationship with Laycon and how they become so close to the extent he could touch her whenever they danced together.

She replied that she feels comfortable with Laycon on the dancefloor and that he dances with her just the way she likes it.

“I just like Laycon kind of person, I just like the fact that when we go to the party he can dance with me. I feel like he dances the kind of dance I like to dance.

I don’t know if it makes sense but I feel like I enjoy dancing with him. I also feel like he is a really caring person and I like him, like I really like him,”

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