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You Robbed Me Of The Chance To Shine And Karma Hit You Now : Teephlow Fires Guru In Fresh Beef



Teephlow has officially joined hands with Kuami Eugene and his Boss to spit more fire on Guru.

The Phlowducation man believes Guru is suffering the consequences of his selfish attitude in the past with allegations that upon all the hit songs Guru claim he has, he still denied him a chance to blow when the then Akaida dance move became a trend in the country.

Firing up more, Teephlow reveals his colleague claim he originated the whole dance move as of that time.

“With all those hits u still robbed a brother of a simple chance to shine when the new akaida dance wave came!
U swore u never knew of my song and even claimed u created the wave.
Today udey stress over collabo.
Smh. Karma is indeed a crazy dog.” Teephlow Stated while reacting to Guru’s reply to Kuami Eugene.

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Guru yesterday responded to Kuami Eugene’s alleged distasteful comments, telling him to show some respect to him as a senior man in the game because he produced not less than 10 hit songs every year.

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